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Bevery Hills Brawl

by Kasie's Connection

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Female vs Female Competitive Wrestling Match
Starring Kasie Cavanaugh & guest star Ziggy

Watch these two Buff Babes Brawl `n Bash in Beverly Hills within a posh studio setting. Featured are two beautiful, nationally prominent female bodybuilders, both of whom are highly reputed for not only tremendous muscle structures, but also for their outstanding wrestling skills.

Ziggy, at 5'5", weighs in at 140 lbs of pure muscle. Challenges Kasie to a match for survival. Ziggy is quick, strong and assertive. Her 14" biceps, 14" calves, & 22" quads, become weapons of destruction when her aggressive nature becomes activated. She demonstrates deadly instincts to intimidate & coerce her opponent.

Kasie, at 5' 7", enters the ring at 175 lbs of raw, solid muscle power. She possesses huge, thick, 16" biceps, 16 1/2" calves, & quads 24 1/2". KC brings her incredible iron pumped power and ring experience to this match. Kasie possesses a rare combination of strength and wrestling techniques, plus an inexhaustible source of energy.

This exciting match is a demonstration of Intensity vs Power, Technique vs Muscle Mass, and Serious Squeezing. You won't want to miss these results:

Watch all 5 rounds of crushing, twisting, squeezing, scissoring and of strong, slippery and sweaty action. Muscle intensity at its best!

(35 minutes - 105 megs)

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