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Mr. Big Stuff

by Kasie's Connection

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A California film company and famous director is shooting a wrestling movie, starring a big name movie star "RICHARD REX" and also starring a relatively unknown actress but a top contender in the world of wrestling ... Renne Toney. As the movie commenced shooting, the famous star feels it's beneath him to be subjected to some of the scenes with a no name new comer actress. As he continues to rant and rave about the director's inadequate directing ability and the new comer's lack of acting skills, he fails to see just how much he is angering both of them and the fact he is putting himself in grave danger.

After shooting this scene several times Richard Rex our - 15 million dollar a picture boy just isn't getting the moves. Renne turns it up a notch to show this boy how its done, this MR BIG STUFF just doesn't yet know who he is dealing with... head crushing scissors, body snapping rips and oh so much more! Director "Kasie" and world top contender Renne are becoming quite upset with "MR BIG STUFF" just a whiny and complaining doof who never shuts up about working with a no name actress and lousy director; they decide to show him how it's done ~ OR ~ what he is in for?

Kasie has finally had it, after shooting the scene several times she directs her feisty grip girl "Desire" a rookie wrestler into the scene. Renne shows Desire how it's done. You go girl, crush that head between your massive powerful thighs. Squeeze the snot out of that mindless man.

Boy did this boy get more then he bargained for...! Buy this Action Packed video now to see how this one wraps up?? Or who's wrapped?

(42 min - 141 megs)

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