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"Muscles & Cream"

Kasie's Connection

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Jack, a man who loves muscles on women, invites stunning 138 lb bodybuilder Lynn over to what she thinks is Jack's place. Lynn tantalizes him as she poses for him in a thong bikini & bra that reveal her charms. Lynn then begins to put on a series of sensual squeezes on Jack.

Now, Kasie appearing home earlier than anticipated, heads towards HER bedroom. Only to find her boyfriend Jack entangled in another woman's legs!! As the two of them looked quite surprised... Jack ran and hid in the bathroom leaving Lynn to face off with Kasie.

After a tussle in the bed between the two women, Lynn finally convinces Kasie that Jack is the real culprit. Jack, now reappears trying to talk his way out of it... both ladies declare him the "Jack Ass"! Kasie then carries him, as Lynn is spanking him, into the special matted room. Kasie drops him down and does a jump-thump down upon him! Her awesome muscles are applied in an assault of punishing pelvic thrusts, smothering and ferocious crushing squeezes.

Lynn then gets the next round of Jack. Kasie then slips out of her dress, now in her bra & stockings, hits a few flexes for him. Within moments, Jack becomes a lamenting victim trapped between two awesome luscious, ladies of muscle who squeeze, crush and squirm all over his hopeless anatomy. Lynn departs, but soon returns with the whipped cream, and puts it everywhere you can imagine - perfect ending to this turbulent evening.

(53 min - 270 megs - 2 parts)

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