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When Ike doesn't stop tickling Lexus, she gets very annoyed. It goes from being playful to quite nasty in quick time! Realizing that she won't be able to enjoy her book in peace and quiet, Lexus decides to teach Ike a lesson he'll not soon forget! Lexus quickly rolls Ike over on his back and straddles his chest to pin him down. She's not a heavy lass but knows how to use her long body to lever him down. Ike soon discovers he can't easily toss her off as she puts her whole weight on him. He has to resort to yanking on her hair which gets him nothing but more abuse by the sharp tongued red head. As Ike tells her to get off him, Lexus now taunts him "Oh but now *I* want to play" as she leans back and drills him punches in his abs and kidneys. She's not too gentle with him, as he quickly discovers. Everytime he tries to toss her off, she quickly counters with more hits and humiliating taunts. Ok, Ike now knows he's in trouble. But he's a proud guy, he's not giving up.

Ike manages to topple Lexus off his chest with the help of her hair but is quickly countered when Lexus wraps her gorgeous long and powerful legs around his waist and applies vice like pressure on him. Everytime he tried to get out of it, Lexus would pour on more pressure to make him give up his attempts. Those long legs are killer legs! And he's feeling every inch of them on his body! Lexus rolls the poor guy over and tries to straddle him again but this time Ike comes up winning with a good handful of her hair (hey dood, she really hates having her hair pulled, not a good idea!) and she'll make him pay the price for his transgression. Now that Ike has Lexus at the disadvantage, he's going to return the favour and show Lexus how powerful his legs are as he attempts to scissor her. He's pouring on the pressure and Lexus is feeling every bit of it as he squeezes her belly. When Lexus manages to slap Ike upside the head a few times, he takes it upon himself to turn her away from him in a sitting scissors and gets away from her slaps and claws. And he's not letting go of her hair. He knows it pisses her off and he doesn't care. He came up here to fight the girls and he's going to show them how it's done... right? Hey it's his funeral! Desperate to get out of this painful hold, Lexus gathers all her strength and ignores the pain so she can turn over and drills him a huge elbow into the kidney that forces him to release her.

Lexus quickly climbs on top of Ike again before he can recover and takes the advantage from him. She's very pissed and now wants to make him suffer. Once she's got him just where she wants him, Lexus applies tremendously painful standing head scissors on poor Ike. His head tilted back, he doesn't know if his head will pop or his neck snap first. Either way, it's hurting like hell! With her full weight on his chest and neck scissored, he's in a world of hurt. Once he manages to get her off his chest by pulling on her hair, he figures that's the end of it. Sorry dood, you pissed her off and now you have to suffer... a lot. She manages to put him in a cross body scissors and torments Ike with slaps and punches. She's going to town on the poor guy. And she enjoys the pain she's inflicting on him, much to his chagrin. Though she can nail Ike in the head and chest, he's still able to pull her hair.. which only gets him more torturous hits and squeezes from Lexus. As much fun as she's having brutalizing Ike, Lexus can't tolerate his hair pulling so she rolls him over onto his belly, sits on his back and brutally applies a modified camel clutch hold, reeling him back to the point where you could almost here his spine snap! The poor guy doesn't know to shit or go blind with the pain inflicted on him by the tall red head. You know she's enjoying herself immensely, until Ike applies the only defensive move he can by grabbing onto Lexus' skin and pinching her. However, this gets him nothing more than a lot of retaliatory hits and attacks. To get away from his pinches, Lexus locks his arms up with her legs, almost ripping his shoulders out. But when he still manages to pinch her skin she takes it out on him with heels to his spine... ouch!! In utter desperation, Ike manages to roll over on his back and toss Lexus across the bed! Wow, nice move! But it's too little too late.

Lexus has had enough of this guy and decides to put him away now. Getting her long powerful legs around his neck she stretches him out and pummels his poor body. With her knee under his chin, she's able to stretch him out as she leans forward. The coup de resistance comes when she shifts leg position and put in all her strength to choke poor Ike out. He's fighting it as best as he can, he can tap out but he's never to going to give in to a girl.. never. he might as well have because Lexus completely dominates Ike in the end and he's not even able to defend himself as she drills him in the belly and ribs. Lexus is good and vicious as she doesn't release the hold even when it's obvious that he's out like a light. Poor guy doesn't even know where he's at when Lexus gets off of him and walks away..

We're happy to say that Ike survived his first visit to the Great White North and vowed to be back. We've heard this said before but we'll wait and see. Ike wants another shot at Lexus and wants to win a match. We offered him the advice of coming better prepared next time. Lexus will be more than happy to make him her bitch once again.. any time anywhere..

(40 minutes - 114 megs)

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