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Fight Challenge 3

by BOTs

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Match #1

Since his last appearance in the BOTs studio, Jason has won a string of victories against some very prominent male opponents. His most recent win earned him a slot in an upcoming tag team title match! Being the consummate professional, all he requests is that his new partner be experienced, talented and tough, just like him! But as the saying goes... 'Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it!' Jason's new partner, Vanessa, invites him to the gym for a one on one 'get to know you' session prior to their big tag team debut. Things start off cordial enough but sooner or later this new partnership is bound to take a turn for the worse...

Match #2

After thoroughly humiliating her new partner during a sparring session, Vanessa accepts Jason's challenge to face off in a handicap submission match. Vanessa may be tough, but is she tough enough to face two opponents? Sabrina and Jason have never seen eye to eye but when the going gets tough, she stands by his side ready to beat this man-bashing witch into the ground! Or so she thinks...

(55 minutes - 165 megs)

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