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Naughty Girls

Kasie Kavanaugh

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Its time again for those naughty little girls to sell those tasty morsels of cookies. The troubled twosome picked the wrong house to quarrel over the cookie sale. Kasie will have to discipline the girls with those magical fingers until taught their lesson.

Impatient with these BRATS, Kasie flexes her power to intimidate! The girls are ordered inside. The door is locked! Now to Kasie's bedroom Jessica, is tied to Kasie's bed, the tickle torture begins! Ginger quite amused until Kasie gets those long finger nails tickling on her precious slim little bod. It's then time for the double whammy.... both girls are saran wrapped together

Kasie goes at it!!!! Tickle, tickle toes, Tickle, tickle tummy, Ooh those inner thigh and arm pits! The more one of the girls squiggles... the more the other is tortured!

(45 min - 235 megs - 2 parts)

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