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Big Girls Gone Wild!

  • Wild Kat
  • Maryse Manios
  • Carmella Cureton
The video opens at the airport picking up Carmella, then meeting Maryse at her hotel after her competion in the Tampa Pro Show. Carmella arrives at Iron Belles HQ, followed by Maryse and her Husband. Both girls then go out to greet Wild Kat, this is the first time these women are together ever in a video, the first meeting of Wild Kat and Maryse for Carmella.

Now it's time to get Wet N Wild! First the girls are at their car wash, or say washing each other. They sure are having loads of fun rubbing and soaping each others' muscular bods. Sit back and get ready for a fun time guys!

Then the girls retire to the swimming pool for a pool party. They cool off and yet heat up at the same time. They pose in the buff and then begin to worship each others' physiques. It gets really hot and steamy . . .

Finally it's time to eat bar-b-que inside and boy can these three put it away. The best surprise is cheesecake for Maryse after her competition - she is soooooooooo excited!!!

Finally it's time to say their good byes and go their separate ways.

We are sure you will watch this over and over again!

(46 minutes - 237 megs)

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