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"Jennifer Kills the Kidnapper"


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Jennifer Thomas arrives at the drop location with a bag. The kidnapper was already waiting for her in the living room. "Here's your money, now where's my daughter?", she demanded. The kidnapper said, "Let me check your bag first." She threw the bag down on the floor in front of him.

She knew, being a well trained martial artist, that she could kick his butt anytime but had to wait for the right opening. He knelt down to inspect the bag and to his his surprise, it was just papers inside. As he looked up to her, she gave a powerful kick to his face, sending him flying a few metres away.

Angered by her move, he quickly recovered to attack and they fought. He was no match for her fight skills, was punched and kicked heavily until he fell flat on his back on the ground. She quickly landed herself atop him, straddled him tightly, grabbed his shirt, pulled him slightly towards her and asked "Where is my daughter?"

He refused to answer, so she gave a punch to his face & asked the same question again. No answer again, another punch. No answer again, she grabbed both his hands under her arms, applied some pressure and said "If you don't tell, I'm gonna break these arms." No answer, so she applied more pressure, slight arching backwards, shouting "Tell me !!!" He screamed and struggled for a while but finally, sensing his arms were giving way, he told her what she wanted to know. She released his hands, searched his pockets, took out a cellphone and asked for the number to dial to speak to her, which he gave her.

While still straddling tightly on top, she spoke to her daughter to confirm the location. Watch all the powerful action that folows as Jennifer then makes sure this kidnapper never practices his trade again!

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