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Kelly is in town for a bodybuilding competition, approaching her hotel room hands full of supplements, workout bag and stuff, struggles to get her key. From behind a masked thug at gun point shoves her in the room, smacks her to the floor, rummages through her purse, not able to find enough he forces her into the bedroom, bounds her up, ramsacks the rest of the room.

Time passes and Maid Kasie comes to clean the room, after entering calls out... "Maid Service"... . Kasie is stunned to find Ms Dobbins bound and gagged in very little. Kasie attempts to calm Ms Dobbins and listens to her story. Meanwhile Kasie hangs the "Do Nit Disturb" sign out on the door for she has other sexy sensual naughty thoughts in mind. Flexing her big muscles, discards her uniform, climbs atop the helpless prone girl. Kelly quite confused initially tries to resist Kasie aggressive actions, but in time becomes infatuated with Kasie powerful physique and responds passionately. Ah mutual muscle worship is developing, nibbling, kissing, licking Ou la la... .. the girls enjoy one another

During their sensual activity Kasie finds out that Kelly is in town for the bodybuilding competition and is one of her heavyweight competitors. Kasie must eliminate her competition by what ever means necessary. Kasie gets into fight mode, Kelly confused, the wrestling action begins, scissored and squeezed a knock out. Kasie reties up Kelly, gets dressed, grabs her tools and exits. Itís off to win the show

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