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Emery "Marilyn" Miller exemplifies the Classic Mature Muscle of Female Bodybuilding today. Her every move shows awesome peaked muscularity mixed with feminine beauty. Enjoy her "Marilyn" Muscles at the beginning of this video. Decked in mini black sheen dress, with heels and black hat to match, she is raw, pure female on the loose!!

Then it's to the coffee table(betcha wish it was your coffe table!) for some great sexxy posing and stripping. Finally she teases you on her couch, touching he Muscle Clittie and starting to get excited for you . . . ahhhh . . what heaven to be in Emery's living room watching her private show for you!!!

This sexy, sultry Muscle Babe is having way too much fun by herself here! She is seen first on her couch playing with that Muscle Clittie and teasing you her fans so, so bad. She then crawls to her bedroom where the real fun begins! Watch her strip down naked for you and just make your skin jump off your body to her down right dirty Muscle Fun!

Close ups of her Muscle Clittie that you will be begging to touch, taste, kiss and god knows what else! Watch her play with herself, lick her fingers and keep giving you those inviting looks that you just have to beckon to. So sit back and get ready for some very heated up Muscle Action!!

Emery Miller is One HOT SEXXY GYM BABE!

See her here working out in the gym, talking sexxy to you her fans, and showing off her contest ready physique ever so sweetly. She shows you how she gets her bod ready for a show, pumps up her muscles right before your very eyes, and when she is done you can actually see a more pumped up phsyique than when she started. Then it's off to the lake for a refreshing drink in her crazy boat machine while talking hot n sexxy still to you her fan.

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