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Sweden's finest Muscle Lady . . . .Irene Andersen . . . .in top competition shape here in this video shows you what she is all about. Sit back and be amazed at her unbelievable musculature! Her peaked huge biceps bulge out in every direction . . . her split quads with sweeps beyond comprehension .. . .her split up shoulders and striated pecs will mesmerize you! So enter the world of Big Muscle Gal Irene!!!

Big Swedish Muscle Gal Irene Andersen is showing off her Ripped Muscular Physique on the floor in some awesome posing to you her fan. Her long sweeping quads exemplify the strength she possesses and hard work it takes to get in this shape. She shows off her jeweled shaped calves ripped to the bone. And her big biceps a pumpin . . . these are diamonds in the sky! But one must not forget her washboard abs as she crunches them on the floor, deep and sculpted like only an artist could do. She is a joy to watch.

See the softer and sexxy side of Ms. Irene Andersen as she poses for you on her bed, moving oh so slowly and sensuously to the music on her bearskin bedspread. Her condition is impeccable . . as she is in contest shape. Her chiseled abs stand out and blind you, her bulging biceps knock you out. . .her split and cut up thighs will make you beg for more, more more! Watch her now as you've never seen her before!!!

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