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Iron Belles

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Ms Xtreme Muscle is having a very sensual Muscle Worship session in her private bedroom and is a little late, however her client assures her that he has been waiting for her all his life. Wouldn't anyone!

Just behold the massive size of her muscles, from her bulding calves, to her thick popping pecs, to her bulging biceps and oh not to mention that HUGE Big Muscle Clitty between her legs. That is found real quick and he just cant keep his hands or mouth off it . . . neither would you if you were in his place!!

Then Ms Xtreme Muscle teases her man with a soft hand job but she doesnt want him to cum just yet, just "feel my big strong hands" she says to him. Humping and bumping that Muscle Clitty all over my face . . . that's how this video begins.

What wonderful Muscle Magic! Then Ms. Xtreme Muscle teases him by getting down on the floor and giving him a little hand job so he can feel her big, strong hands all over his male organ. But it's not time for you to cum yet she tells him. On the floor in front of the fireplace for some doggy-style muscle clitty worship . . . how cool is that!!!

Then some awesome facesitting with that lucsious Muscle Clitty smacking down on his face! Wow, he died and went to heaven for sure this time!!! And then that wonderful moment as she grips your male organ hard and goes up and down on it with her strong hands and powww!!! Out comes the shooting cum in the air while your face is smack under her huge Muscle Clitty!!!

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