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Don't mess with my money . . that's what Iron Liberty tells her agent here in a mess up video since he hasnt got it and really doesnt want to give it to her. She gives him a taste of her nasty muscle revenge by throwing him to the ground and tossing him around like a rag doll. He is 200 lbs, but that doesnt even faze her as she body scissors and locks down, head locks and other evil devices of her muscular strength.

Ah the awesome power and strength of this budding Female Muscle Gal is such a pleasure to watch and enjoy. Iron Liberty exudes pure muscle power as she tackles her 200lb Manager in this video. His weight is nothing for her to handle and she tosses him around like he is a ragdoll. Watch her wrestling holds as she arcs and squeezes, watch her force him to his knees to bow down and worship her, watch him kiss her amazing biceps and traps and then she tackles him again for not getting it right.

From painful torturing body and head scissors, to impossible to escape headlocks, to contorted twisted body squeezes, this strong Iron Liberty is quite the match for her 200 lb victim. See how she triumphs in the end with a great knock out . . . it will make you beg for more from this up and coming Muscle Star.!

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