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Enter the Wild n Sexxy Muscle World of Ashlee Chambers . . . this time she is in her garage dungeon taming and capturing her slave's cock! She opens up posing on her work bench and telling her slave just exactly what he can and cannot do with her muscles. She gets off her table and proceeds to have him worship her and feel the power of her hard lean muscular thighs and then it's down on the mats for some enthralling fantasy wrestling.

Ashlee Chambers is continuing her slave training by fantasy wrestling on the mats, constantly grabbing his male member, ball abuse, ball slapping . . .you see she has a thing for male cocks and control of them. She loves to capture them, whether in her hands, her thighs which she does in this video . . with her mouth her pussy . . . it goes on and on to any imaginable capturing one can think of!!!

From reverse head scissoring to leg headlocking to tied up to a garage door with cock in hand, Ms. Ashlee will not stop in her slave training and domination of her sub. She is sooo sexxy and sooo demanding that one can only give in to her every wish and command.

Ashlee demands obedience! . .. Hence she has her muscle slave in training shackled to the garage door where she proceeds to jerk his captured cock off! From hand job, to between her thigh job, to a great bicep jerk off . . . she grabs his shackled cock and gives him on hell of a rough hand jerk off!!!

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