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Amazon Hulk Huxly is training in her fight cage when "K" Dynomite walks in saying she wants to go heavyweight! Ha Ha says Hulk Huxly! You are just a pipp squeak!! "K" Dyno is determined and comes at the Hulk with full gusto and energy but is taken down time after time after time! Hulk Huxly is enjoying lifting and carrying this blondie around the cage with ease, dragging her by her legs, piggy backing her, cradling her while al the time "K" Dyno just keeps coming back. Great spirited Female Fighting that we know you will enjoy thoroughly!!!

Gigantic Hulk Huxly continues her female supremacy over little K Dyno in the fight cage, picking her up in many wild carries, throwing her against the cage, not letting Blondie recover before the Hulk is all over her again. There are times that Blondie fights back and even gets Hulk in some holds only to be broken out of them by the Amazon's massive strength and power!

But ya gotta love this spirited energetic and extremely athletic K Dyno as she keeps taking and coming back for more!!!

This is the final segment of the Amazon Huxly vs "K" Dynomite. One would think it's totally outrageous brutality the way Hulk Huxly is thrashing this poor lightweight Blondie around all over the fight cage. But Blondie insisted on this treatment and boy oh boy is she ever getting it!

From all kinds of lifts n carries, to slamming against the cage walls, to pouncing and pounding on the cage mat . . . it goes on and one until the final end! But we arent going to tell you what happens . . . does Blondie get a lucky moment and take the Hulk down? Or does the Hulk totally destroy this poor Blondie's hopes of ever becoming a heavy weight!!!

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