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Iron Belles

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This Amazon Goddess of War has just returned from the Battlefield, she is worn out and mad that her slave boy has been cheating on her while she was gone. She calls upon him to come to her and questrions him but she is not getting the answers that she wants so she must punish him. She takes him down to the ground and throws her amazonian dominance on him, squeezing him, headlocking him, kicking and kneeing him in the balls. When she feels she has brought him thoroughly to his knees it's time for him to worship her and show her how much he cares. Get ready for some intense Amazon Clit Worship!!!

Goddess of War is training her slave boy to worship and obey her every needs . . . and I mean EVERY Need! This need is worshipping her Amazon Clit. Watch as she puts him in various positions of worship. Total Clit sucking and eating.

Obeying your Amazon Goddess Warrior and attending to her every needs . . . and we mean EVERY needs reaps rewards. Watch how her Slave Boy attends to her in various positions of Clit sucking, licking, eating, etc. etc. Amazing Amazon positions and in the end . . . total submission and rewards from the Amazon Queen.!!!

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