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"Kidd" Dynomite is sleeping very restfully in her bed when in creeps a Muscle Assassin, dressed in skin-tight black spandex bodysuit . . . you've seen this woman before . . . She is very powerful, sneeky and oh so sexxy!!! The Muscle Assassin slowly creeps in the room, crawls onto the bed and pounces on the sleeping Blondie and awakens her in a fright! "I'm going to kill you!" chants the Muscle Assassin. You have been selling secrets from my country to the CIA and hurting my country. Now it's time to die!!! And the fun begins!!! This sleek towering Muscle Assassin goes into action, pinning poor little Blondie down on the bed with her boots, then she grabs her and arm bars her, then throat grabbing, then pulling her off the bed by her hair. . . my oh my!! The action is non stop and very addicting!!!

This sleek sexxy black spandexed bodysuit Muscle Assassin is having her way with poor little "Kidd" Dynomite. Pinning her down to the floor with her boots, scissoring her body between her long lean shapely thighs, and laughing all the way! You see this assassin loves her work and loves to string it out for a loooong time toying with her victim and making them suffer!!

She thrashes Blondie around on the floor from one side to the other side with her powerful thighs. Despite Blondie's cries for mercy, Muscle Assassin just gets charged up even more putting her in painful holds, pinning her to the floor while trash talking her and scaring her .This assassin is like a giant python wrapped around a poor unsuspecting child!!!

Muscle Assassin is having a blast dominating her poor little Blonde victim all the while she has a very bad ending for this unsuspecting "K" Dynomite. She continues to thrash her on the floor, pin her in painful holds, squeeze her with her long lean muscular thighs but she decides to have more fun with Blondie by making her worship her body. She takes off her bodysuit spandex and proceeds to have Blondie worship her. She then takes it to the couch where a very shocking ending awaits "Kidd" Dynomite!!!

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