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"K" Dynomite is ready for another awesome Muscle Girl Session. She calls Charlie her service rep and orders a girl . . . and wow!!! what a girl he sends over!!! Emery Miller, Blonde . . .very Muscular and in awesome shape . . . with an attitude to boot! Well "K" Dynomite is enthralled and immediately starts touchy, kissing, and going nuts over this incredible package. And so will you when you but this video and watch the two interact together. Emery immediately takes charge and shows the little blondie a great time!!!

But K Dynomite really doesnt know what she is getting herself into here. You see Emery is extremely dominate and also love women. It's a catch22 for Emery. On the one hand she is very sensuous with this little Blondie but on the other hand she loves to dominate her and perhaps scare the little one a bit. She loves tease and denial and you can watch all this going on in this video.

Getting down to the REAL business in hand . . .Emery loves to go down on Little Blondie and demands the same in return. Watch how K Dynomite sensually spreads Emery's legs and shows her big Muscle Clittie! What an awesome sight! Then K Dynomite eats Emery's Pussy real nice bringing her to climax. Great inter action between the Muscle Girl vs Small girl. Surprise face sitting ending that we know you just do not wanna miss!!!!

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