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Amazonian Marriage Therapy HD

Iron Belles

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Amazon Saharra Huxly, 6'2" 210lbs, is a beast in this video as she has kidnapped the wife of a couple on vacation and has thrown her into her dungeon cell cage. The woman's husband enters into the dungeon mad as hell and ready to attack!!! However, due to his wimpy size he finds the Amazon way too much for her. She picks him up and throws him to the ground. He then decides to pick up a barrel and go at her hoping to crush out her wind. Doomed again! She counter attacks and he's back on the ground. This time the Amazon has her way with him, thrashing him with her huge strong thighs, picking him up and carrying him about, stripping him naked and pile driving him....all while his captured wife has to look on!!!

The ac tion is just getting started b etween Amazon Saharra Huxly and her married couple on vacation. Saharra has been abusing the husband on the ground and she has stripped him naked and body scissors him and abuses his male organ. She then picks him up under the armpits and throws him up against the wall right in front of his poor caged in wife to see all of his humiliation up close! She then throws him over her shoulder and carries him into her time capsule where she proceeds to cuff him and tie him to the ladder. Then she sashays over to the wife, takes her out of her cell and leads her over a barrel right in front of the husband and proceeds to dominate her with her strapon.

Saharra is fucking the wife with her strapon and the wife keeps telling her tied up hubby that this is good for their marriage . Some marriage therapy eh? Perhaps this is the new wave!!!

But the hubby is acting up so Saharra continues her fucking of the wife and now puts her pole cock and shoves it into the hubby's mouth for him to suck on. Now it's a double cock penetration for both the hubby and the wife. Amazing!! Finally Saharra grabs both the hubby and wife and brings them down on the floor for some double wrestling holds, squeezing them with her powerful thighs, headlocking the two at the same time and finally grabbing them headlocking them back to the cage and throwing them in for her next playtime session!!!

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