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Ebony N Ivory Big Muscle Girlz HD

Iron Belles

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Spend the evening with some Big Muscle Girlz . . . Colette Guimond and Carmella Cureton. Beefy Muscles, thick muscles and BIG CLITS!!!! You're gonna love it. Watch them begin by flexing their big quads and calves in fishnet. . . . then it's to the pool for some cool water on hot skin. The girls are newly exploring each others' amazing physiques since it it their first time together ever. And then Carmella discovers Colette's Big Giant Clit!!! OMG!!! Well that's where the fun really begins!!!

Fun sensual action in the pool, Big Giant Clits exposed, then it's inside action first on loveseat where girls get into kissing fun, going down on each other, then Colette picks up Carmella and carries her to the bed where the action really gets steamy!!

Both women play with each others' Big Muscle Clittie and exposing them to you fans for your full viewing pleasure! Colette is enjoying sucking on Carmella's Big Tits as well. Then it's inside for some wine and sensual muscle play. The girls each dip their fingers in their wine and stick them in each others' mouths. Then they tongue kiss which really brings up the heat!!! Carmella can't stop playing with Colette's big giant clit and you know Colette is loving every moment!!! Great sensual Muscle Fun on the bed as well that you won't wanna miss!!!!

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