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Iron Belles

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Janeen experiencing her first encounter with Pro Wrestler April Hunter and it is a humdinger! The girls circle around each other sizing up their opponent. April with red flaxen hair flowing in the wind and big bazooka boobies . . . on the other side is Muscle Girl Janeen Lankowski still in great condition 7 weeks out from a competition, splits in her quads still, popped out shoulders, veins all over the place and WOW!!! That's all we can say. This is going to be a great match testing power, strength, skill and whatever else these women decide to throw into the ring!!!

Janeen aggressively walks towards April with mean intent in her eyes but immediately April fires back and throws Janeen against the cage and proceeds to do some abdominal kicking, which of course Janeen does not feel because of her incredibly muscled abs. Janees retaliates and throws April to the mats and puts her in a painful boston crab standing hold. Then drags her around the mats, but once again April comes back. This goes on and on and both girls put up a fierce fight against each other. Janeen racks April up against the cage, april puts Janeen in Boston crab and back and forth with great packed action, Janeen even does a victory pose above April mocking her all the way!!

The action has really heated up between Muscle Girl Janeen Lankowski and Ex Pro Wrestler April Hunter in this video. Each girl retaliates against the other, throwing to the mats, scissoring, boston crabing, banging and crushing against the cage and some lifts/carries of different kinds that we are sure you will enjoy!!! To the final end . . .who won? You have to watch to find out!!.!

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