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Big Clits and Muscle Worshipping

Iron Belles

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Ashley Starr is bored and calls the Exotic Muscles Agency to see if they can send over a Muscle Girl for her to play with as she just Loves Muscles on Women! To her surprise a knock on her door very shortly after and Colette Guimond walks in in see-thru fishnets from top to bottom and black leather shorty boots. Wow! Ashley just cannot contain herself and immediately starts touching Colette all over. What a sight to behold and worship! Colette is just about the thickest, leanest and massive-est Female Bodybuilder ever to grace this earth! Ashley pulls her over to the couch for some very intimate Muscle Worshipping. This is going to be a great night!!!

Both muscle girlz start exploring each others' magnificent physiques, showing each their squat and dead lift technique, Colette really shows Ashley as she picks her up fireman's style and squats her low to the ground with her spiked heeled boots still on. Then for Colette's Massive Mountains of Pec Muscles. She bounces them for Ashley, who is in shock and simply quite astounded as seeing this sight! Colette tells her to punch them , harder, harder . . . Ashley is in total Bliss!

And now it's clit comparison time, each girl exposing their muscle clitties and showing each other, Colette has fun with Ashley's clit showing her the technique of pulling on it just a certain way to make it biggger, ashley is loving every moment. Then it's to the couch for some kinky clit play and then to bed . . .well that's another story in itself!!!

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