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Brutal CatFight Cage Fight

Iron Belles

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Two Beefy skilled fighters in the cage together for the very first time . . .Saharra Huxly from St. Pete Florida 6' 230lbs and Kristie Ezold from Californina 5'8" 170 lbs. Wow!! That's a lot of female power in one place at the same time!! It proves to be an awesome fight between these two seasoned fighters that we are sure you will not want to miss. Can kristie hold up to this beast of power and strength? Will Saharra make Kristie submit at the start? Only your eyes can tell you that as you watch in awe!!!

These two power fighters continue their brutal catfight cage fight each retaliating back at each others' aggressions. Amazon Saharra Huxly gets California Kristie down on the mats in her infamous boston crab hold and biting kristie's toes to boot! Kristie gets mad and jumps on Saharra's back when she isnt looking and both girls slam smack into the cage and wham each other. Total action thru out this video . . . .never a dull moment . . . and did I mention they are topless now? Big boobies flying in the air and smacking each other in the face in smother holds. It's glorious!!!

With both Meat-packed women topless and big titties flying in the air as they move around the cage, the action is totally heated up. Now this means war! From one hold to another action move, to backing each other up against the cage and kicking, to twisted holds on the mats . . . it's anyone's fight from here on. What will the end result bring? Ya just gotta watch to find out!!!!

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