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Meet Laura Carolan, competitive Female BodyBuilder from Canada, and off season? Are you kiddin me! She looks like she could compete tomorrow. Her condition is beyond any year round. Watch her as she flexes her pumped up ripped up muscles for you in a more intimate atmosphere in the privacy of her own hotel room. She is getting a little more risque in her videos . . . so keep a close watch guys and you will see some things you havent before of her here. Plus in the end when she bends over and her hamstrings rip apart before your very eyes . . . did someone order flank steak in the house? Well, you will see what we mean!

Laura Carolan is stripping down for her fans in this video showing off her amazing ripped musculature . . and she is off season! yea? She is incredible! Watch her pose in her cowgirl outfit and boots, stripping down to bikini and then she takes off her top to all of your amazement . . . makes you wonder what comes next, eh?

Laura has taken it all off for you fans in this sexxy hot and wet video. Seen showering after her posing video with you, she shows you ALL of her . . .. am I'm sure you have been waiting for this with baited breath. After that it's to the bed for some sexxy posing and great frontals and rears . . . of course close up!!!

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